Feeding our Heroes

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Pizza Party for Deployment Troops- Rhine Ordinance Barracks

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End of School Picnic- Kaiserslautern Middle School

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Ramstein USO Weekly meal event

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Turkey Family member evacuation mission - Food and supply station Ramstein Terminal March 2016

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USO Sun and Fun- Pulaski Park

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Kroger Red, White and BBQ Landstuhl Regional Medical Center Warrior Center USO

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Volunteers Mary, Martina and Beth serve hungry passengers mashed potatoes topped with bacon, cheese, gravy and more at Ramstein USO’s Rotator ‘Tater Day on March 8, 2017.

Cookies. Tacos. Pancakes. You name it! If you need a snack break or want to enjoy a meal with your buddies or your family, find a USO center!

From Ramstein’s “Rotator Tater Day” offering potatoes with various delicious toppings, to the “Aeromedical Breakfast” served at the Warrior Center, you’ll never go hungry if there’s a USO nearby!

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