Culligan Water

After being in the water treatment business for nearly 65 years, we know water. Our mission is to deliver high-quality water products that will benefit every part of consumers’ lives. We hope to raise the quality of life by purifying its most essential element: water.

We’ve seen almost every water problem imaginable and we’ve solved these problems to deliver the refreshing, clean and pure water that’s become our hallmark. Free of contaminants and minerals, water treated with Culligan softeners and filtration systems will make an impression on you and your household, and at the work place.

The science of water!

Ever since the founding of Culligan in 1936 by Emmett Culligan, we continually develop new technologies to treat hard water and rid water contaminants. All the products we offer have been perfected through research and development, and used by homes and businesses the world over.

Always advancing with new technological developments, our products continue to set the standards within the water treatment industry.

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