5 Excellent Reasons to Become a USO Volunteer

Barbara volunteers her time with the Ramstein Passenger Terminal and Kaiserslautern Special Events. She is also a Volunteer Representative. As a Representative she is a lead in her centers for events and programs and she guides new volunteers just starting their volunteer journey. With over 500 hours of volunteer time with the USO Kaiserslautern, she knows a great deal about volunteering!

5 Excellent Reasons to Become a USO Volunteer

By Barbara Stuwe

  1. Good for your health! Studies show that helping others reduces stress, boosts your immune system, and gives you positive emotional health.
  2. Flexibility – you can give 1 hour per month, 5 hours each week, whatever works for you! We love all of our active duty, spouse, and retiree volunteers!
  3. Meet interesting people! Get to know the USO staff and visitors, and meet people from all branches of the Armed Services!
  4. Looks good on a performance report or resume! Update that report for your best chance at that award or promotion!
  5. Giving back/making a difference! Saying hello to a weary traveler, or offering food to a hungry soldier can make a difference in someone’s’ life! VOLUNTEER TODAY!

Interested in becoming a volunteer? Visit volunteers.uso.org to get started. Did you know there are 5 centers in the Kaiserslautern area? Volunteer with one or volunteer with all!

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