The Art of Healing

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This year, the Warrior Center USO created an art therapy program for our wounded, ill and injured service members. This innovative program offers a relaxing way to relieve stress and pass time by exploring and stimulating creative talents for patients staying at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center (LRMC).

One service member has certainly uncovered a hidden talent in his paintings through this new program. The Warrior Center USO would like to introduce Ryan, a service member we will never forget. Ryan was born in Nebraska and raised in Iowa. He joined the Army in 2014 and is currently stationed in Vicenza, Italy. In addition to his new-found appreciation of painting, Ryan’s pastimes include running and outdoor activities.

Ryan started painting at the USO in March 2017, where he has created more than 35 works of art. Before participating in this program, Ryan was unaware of how much he enjoyed painting and how important and beneficial it would eventually become to him.

“Painting has become a very therapeutic way to express myself and help me relax,” Ryan says. “My love of the ocean has been a huge inspiration for most of my paintings.”

The Warrior Center staff, volunteers and patients have enjoyed getting to know Ryan and we are honored that he has gifted some of his artwork to the Warrior Center and staff to mount on the walls. He is saving his remaining artwork for his friends and family.

“The Warrior Center USO is amazing,” Ryan says. “I cannot praise the staff and volunteers enough for their support and helpfulness.”

Ryan will head back to Vicenza soon; The Warrior Center staff and volunteers would like to thank him for bringing so much inspiration to our center. We hope he continues to inspire those around him through his paintings and kind heart.


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